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Custom Pens For Your Next Corporate Gift Items. UAE's Promotional Items Supplier

If you are planning to give a new way of marketing strategy. Custom pens is the best corporate gifts items. We at PrintX have a great selection of wholesale custom pens and ready made pens including parker pen, ballmain pen, senator pen, maxema pen, duke pen and and many more. From pens for every day use to those suitable as gift items, we have them all. Printed promotional pens are a perfect marketing method for promotions, exhibitions and brand awareness as it places your advertising in the hands of your existing customers and your potential customers. Attractive custom pens will ensure that your customers use them often and as a result continually promote your logo or message.

Incredible Customized Design

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Custom Pens Printing With Your Logo or message

Our promotional custom pens are printed in-house, which ensures quality control of your pen printing order from the initial idea and design and right through to final production. UV printing and silk screen printing services are available. We have a full range of pens available and can deliver anywhere in the United Arab Emirates. Pens are a universal, everyday necessity and everyone from a CEO to the stay-at-home parent will recognize their value. Whether you’re seeking custom pens to sell as retail items or branded writing instruments to promote your business, we have a huge variety of colors, styles and designs to choose from, all of which are completely customizable.

From a business point of view, custom pens printing with your logo or message have many benefits. When used as part of your marketing campaign, they provide some of the most cost-effective, user-friendly advertisement for your business. Custom business pens provide a number of advantages for your overall marketing strategy. Personalized pens offer a great greeting or point-of-sale giveaway to get their attention and provide a bonus gift. Those hard-working promotional pens will keep sharing your logo and contact information wherever they land! And the styling and colors of marketing pens link your company to an overall advertising feel or approach.

The Benefits of Buying Custom Pens in Bulk

The best part is that we offer you a huge savings for buying of buying custom pens in bulk. Whether you have a marketing campaign coming up and need promotional pens or a school event where personalized pens will impress parents and students, PrintX has a wide array of products suitable for every occasion. We use state of the art technology to design marketing products that look great and get your brand or organization message out there.

Promotional pens are a great way to advertise your company and raise awareness of your brand without depleting your budget when you buy them in bulk or low minimum. It also strays away from the already saturated form of advertising in the digital space. Our range of personalized pens include features like retractable styluses, curved grips, and full-color clips. Let us help you find the ideal solution for your event that will best suit your promotional needs. Best of all, you can easily order online from the comfort of your desk chair.